Sunny Jims Tanning Salon

Turbo Beds



Per Minute

60 Minutes


Usually £36

      You save £11

100 Minutes


Usually £60

      You save £15

150 Minutes


Usually £90

      You save £25

Mega Turbo & Stand Up Beds



Per Minute

60 Minutes


Usually £66

      You save £16

80 Minutes


Usually £88

      You save £18

100 Minutes


Usually £110

      You save £20

Current Offers

Dark Tanning Cream Oil

Face & Legs Bronzer Sachet
    Blended with coconut and macadamia oils.

    Improves the luster of dull skin.

    Promotes healthy skin as well as make you look years younger!

    Hypoallergenic, Paraben and Fragrance-Free.

Be Scene

Keylime Sachet
    Lightweight, skin conditioning, tan enhancer.

    This fun lotion is also blended with camu camu berries to help slow down the aging process.

    Sea weed and bee’s wax are utilized to help draw toxins from the body and work to condition the skin.


Nailsavers Image
    No more discolouring from UV exposure.

    No more stains from tanning solutions.

    Reusable, one size fits all.

Face & Legs Bronzer Bottle

Face & Legs Bronzer Bottle
    Specialty tanning lotion for hard to tan places with melanin booster.

    Formulated with RejuvenOx and Pro-Tan to enhance oxygen absorption and melanin development.